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Break These 5 Bad Eating Habits

If you’re like most people, you probably eat without thinking about it. But this means that you may also have some less-than-healthy eating habits. If you want to improve yours, make some simple changes to these patterns:

  1. Eating too quickly. Do you tend to gobble your food? Put your fork down between bites to slow down.

  2. Eating while distracted. If you usually eat in front of a screen (think smartphone or television), turn everything off and focus on your food instead.

  3. Drinking soda. Soda is a big source of unneeded calories. Swap it out for water on a regular basis.

  4. Eating when you’re not hungry. It’s easy to snack because you’re bored, anxious, or lonely. Break this habit by asking if you’re truly hungry before you eat. If not, do something else instead, like going for a walk or calling a friend.

  5. Cooking mindlessly. An easy way to eat healthier is to use less fat, butter, or salt in a favorite recipe.

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